siggy's house (circa 2009)

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Concert Map
The other side
Sample dynamic KML object of network traffic
Presidio Overlay in Google Earth (Keyhold BBS posting)
Presidio Overlay in Google Earth

Open Source
Twitter Commons
Cassandra Ruby client: timestamp column access
faad2: mp4ff tagging
MoinMoin: Wiki XML Parser
mythtv: DVD burning aspect ratio
python-twitter: Trends support
python-twitter: geo data parsing
python-twitter: geo data posting
oauth-python-twitter: fixed URL Parameter handling
In-Memory Zipfiles in Python

Good Peeps
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
The Marine Mammal Center
Farm Sanctuary

Linux Counter homepage
Linux Counter
Living room layout image generated by GraphViz (Full size image)
Living room layout text input file for GraphViz
My first post
3D Spinning Waves
Psychedelic Circles
DynDNS update script
Biggest waves ever surfed
Mobile site
Old site (circa 2007)
Old earthlink site (circa 2002)
Very old earthlink site (circa 1995)

Despair Linux, created with the perl script, courtesy of some guy who really likes bacon.

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